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Looking for a Circus show or Circus party entertainers in Melbourne? Looking for Clown party characters

& performers in Melbourne to absolutely thrill your kids? Here they are...!!!

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Tony Bones The Clown & Tina Bones The Clown

are Melbourne's favourite Clowns in...

"My Very Own Circus"

Suits Party Themes: Circus party, Circus show, Clown performance, 1st Birthday party, Music party, Puppetry party theme.

In "The Land of Smiles and Fun", Tony Bones The Clown & Tina Bones The Clown always make people laugh as they perform together down on the ground in the sawdust at their circus. Their secret is that what they both really dream of is one day walking the hire wire, swinging on the trapeze or taming the ferocious lions.


Why won't the ring master just let them try? Join these hysterical clowns as they take your party through all the magnificent feats of the circus. They'll have you in stitches with their jokes and stories, and dazzle you with magic tricks, dancing, juggling, games, puppetry, bubbles and original fully orchestrated songs everyone can dance to.

Specifically designed for younger children, these friendly clowns focus on movement, colour and physical activity within the show. With a special message about looking after your pets delivered through puppetry, this is one show you'll never forget.




The party includes:

  • A one hour fully interactive show put together entirely by qualified teachers (longer if requested)
  • The characters "Tony Bones The Clown" and "Tina Bones The Clown" in full clown costume (red nose, but no scary make up)
  • A birthday present for the birthday boy or girl brought directly from "The Land of Smiles and Fun".
  • A magic trick performed within the show using a child from the audience as a special helper
  • Four original interactive songs that the children can sing and dance along with (the performers brings their own stereo)
  • A dance class run by Tina Bones the Clown
  • A juggling class run by Tony Bones the Clown
  • 1 game
  • Scripted dialogue, jokes and stimulating story-telling throughout
  • A section of puppetry with Tony & Tina's secret and mystery pet
  • 1 colouring sheet for each child (the performers will provide crayons)
  • 1 lollypop for each child
  • 1 balloon animal, flower or sword made OR face painting cheek art for each child
  • Appropriate Age - Boys and Girls 2 - 8 y.o. (Great for 1st Birthday Parties!!!)


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What others have recently said about Tony Bones the Clown & Tina Bones the Clown in.... "My Very Own Circus"

"Hi Tony, We went to a fantastic Tony Bones (& Tina Bones) the Clown party on Sunday in Parkdale. It was great, the children were transfixed and you managed to keep them amused for the (whole) time. Amazing!"

Anna Lloyd, Parkdale, VIC. Two girls’ 5th Birthday Party.

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Payment & Cancellation Fees

• a. A $200 non-refundable administration fee will be charged at the time of booking to your credit card.
• b. The remainder of the payment is required on the day of the performance as a cash payment to the performer. Tony Bones Entertainment apologises but we do not accept cheques or credit cards from private party clients.
• c. Performers are unable to negotiate lowering a price. Any issues with price should be directed to Tony on 1300 308 311 before a performer leaves an event.
• d. Cancellation Fees - Once a client has "booked in" a time for a party, that time is set aside for your party exclusively, meaning that Tony Bones Entertainment will turn away other work wanting the same date and time. We also complete a significant amount of administrative work immediately after a booking is taken. For this reason clients do need to be aware that the $100 administration fee taken at the time of booking is non-refundable if the party is cancelled at any time after it is booked in with Tony Bones Entertainment. Furthermore, if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the cancellation fee rises to the total amount quoted for the booking. A party is only deemed to be booked in when Tony Bones Entertainment staff have spoken to the client and officially "booked in" the performance, or when the client has specifically asked TBE to "book in" the party via email.