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Looking for High Flying party entertainers in Melbourne? Looking for Super Hero party characters and performers in Melbourne to absolutely thrill your kids? Here they are...!!!

High Flying Heroes Fairy & Super HeroWhy can't I get Batman / Spiderman / etc? (click here)

Super Dooper The Super Hero

& Fairy Petunia

are Melbourne's favorite Super Power duo in

"High Flying Heroes"

Suits Party Themes: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Sporticus, Lazytown, Ben 10, Super Hero party theme.

Super Dooper The Super Hero is a new breed of superhero. He must face his arch rival, "Odour Man" and save the city from his evil floating stench. To do this he needs just one thing..... a super hero power. There is no time to waste!! He needs the help of every super hero at your party, especially the Super Hero Birthday Boy or Girl, to help him learn to fly, and who better to help with flying, than Fairy Petunia.

Spiderman, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Buzz Lightyear, The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Supergirl, Medusa, The X-Men, Wolverine, The Mighty Morphin Power Ranges, Bob The Builder, The Flash, G.I. Joe and any original super heroes should be great at helping Fairy Petunia teach Super Dooper how to fly.

Join this hilarious Super Hero as Fairy Petunia tries to help him avoid becoming the world's biggest "Super Blooper". He valiantly tries to save the city and learns how to fly with a paper plane competition, a fairy magic spell, 3 original songs, games, colouring sheets, balloon animals and face painting.

Please note that children dressing up as super heroes is completely optional, and not fundamental to the success of the show.

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The party includes:


  • A one hour fully interactive show put together entirely by qualified teachers (longer if requested)
  • The characters "Super Dooper The Super Hero" and "Fairy Petunia" in full costume.
  • A birthday present for the Birthday Super Hero.
  • A Fairy Magic Spell performed in the show using the audience to help
  • 3 original songs (the performers bring their own stereo)
  • 1 game and a flying clinic run by Fairy Petunia
  • Scripted dialogue, jokes and stimulating story-telling throughout
  • A paper plane competition (performers provide paper for the planes)
  • 1 colouring sheet for each child (the performers will provide crayons)
  • 1 lollypop for each child
  • A balloon animal or face painting cheek art for each child (child's choice)
  • Appropriate Age - Boys and Girls 4 - 9 y.o.

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What others have recently said about "High Flying Heroes":

"The kids throughly enjoyed the entertainment provided. They were enthralled for the hour. Which was great for everyone! I had many parents asking where I found you and the name of the company, which I gladly passed on."  Jill Gibbins, Brighton East, Harrison's 4th Birthday Party

"... thank you for your involvement in the Casey Kids Carnival... Feedback from patrons has been very positive, particularly in relation to the quality & variety of entertainment & amusements at the event. I sincerely appreciate your contribution in helping to make the Casey Kids Carnival a fantastic day..."  Angie Vrieze - Events Co-ordinator - Casey Kids Carnival

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Why don't you offer Batman, Spiderman or any of those popular characters? These characters are all covered by copyright owned by the multi-million dollar companies who created them like Disney, Warner & Marvel. The cost for copyright performance permissions for just one character starts at around $10,000 and even then it often dictates that the character can not speak. Obviously this large outlay of money means the character would have to be made extremely expensive for a private party if the company ever wanted to make back that sort of investment.

There are some companies who perform these characters illegally but they put themselves at serious risk of prosecution by the lawful copyright owners. Offenders who breach copyright can face huge fines if they are caught.

There are also some companies who copy these characters but slightly change the character, just enough so as to try to avoid prosecution. Of course the breach of copyright is the same if the character is based on someone else's legally owned copyright character so the offending company is still cashing in on someone else's work.

The question that should always be asked; Is it fair to steal someone else's work?

At Tony Bones Entertainment all of our characters are created by our own creative team of teachers. Therefore our silly "Super Dooper the Super Hero" character is appropriate for young children (not scary or violent), Australian made & owned, legally covered by our copyright and designed specifically for Australian kid's parties.

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Payment & Cancellation Fees

a. A $200 non-refundable administration fee will be charged at the time of booking to your credit card.
b. The remainder of the payment is required on the day of the performance as a cash payment to the performer. Tony Bones Entertainment apologises but we do not accept cheques or credit cards from private party clients.
c. Performers are unable to negotiate lowering a price. Any issues with price should be directed to Tony on 1300 308 311 before a performer leaves an event.
d. Cancellation Fees - Once a client has "booked in" a time for a party, that time is set aside for your party exclusively, meaning that Tony Bones Entertainment will turn away other work wanting the same date and time. We also complete a significant amount of administrative work immediately after a booking is taken. For this reason clients do need to be aware that the $100 administration fee taken at the time of booking is non-refundable if the party is cancelled at any time after it is booked in with Tony Bones Entertainment. Furthermore, if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the cancellation fee rises to the total amount quoted for the booking. A party is only deemed to be booked in when Tony Bones Entertainment staff have spoken to the client and officially "booked in" the performance, or when the client has specifically asked TBE to "book in" the party via email.