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Looking for a Mermaid party entertainer in Melbourne? Looking for a Mermaid party character

& performer in Melbourne to absolutely thrill your kids? Here she is!!!


Mermaid Manners Seashell Costume













Mermaid Manners

Mermaid Manners

is Melbourne's favourite Mermaid!!!

Suits Party Themes: Arial party, The Little Mermaid party, Underwater party theme.

"Join the Water Parade! Oh, join the Water Parade"

Mermaid Manners loves her life in her watery world, playing with all her ocean friends. Now she's borrowed some Pirate "Sea Legs" she can come & play with you!!

She'll take you deep into her crystal ocean as all your party's little sea creatures get to join in her "Water Parade" and learn how fun it can be saving the sea!!

She has a bunch of songs to dance and sing along to and thanks to her "Pirate Sea Legs" that she's borrowed from Captain Crook's Crew, even she can dance along.

There's a balloon octopus for everyone to help create & play with and she can't wait to introduce you to Lobbie and Rocky, her cuddly lobster friends.

A hugely interactive show with a special message about using your manners and keeping the ocean clean.


The party includes:

    • A one hour fully interactive show put together entirely by qualified teachers (longer if requested);
    • The character "Mermaid Manners" in full mermaid costume with shimmering tail and all (as above);
    • A birthday present for the birthday girl or boy who becomes "Protector of the 7 Seas";
    • Two original interactive songs that the children can sing and dance along with, including the popular ocean marching song "The Water Parade" where the children get to be ocean creatures themselves (the performer brings her own stereo);
    • The "Wiggly Octopus Jellyfish Ring Toss" activity, including a real balloon octopus made at your party by Mermaid Manners for everyone to enjoy and the birthday child to keep, plus a fun game of hooky where everyone gets a turn;



  • An introduction to two famous friends of Mermaid Manners; "Lobbie The Lobster" and "Rocky The Rock Lobster", a huge hit with the audience, who jumps up and sings his very own rock songs as he wiggles around;
  • 1 game;
  • Scripted interactive story-telling throughout;
  • 1 colouring sheet for each child (the performer will provide crayons);
  • 1 lollypop for each child;
  • Mermaid Face Painting Cheek Art for each child as they play with "Lobbie The Lobster";
  • Appropriate Age - Girls 3 - 8 y.o. and Boys 3 - 7 y.o.




What others have recently said about Mermaid Manners:

"Mermaid Manners was fantastic... Both children and parents commented to me later how terrific she was and parents were in awe of her ability to involve all kids and keep their attention for the full hour... Very professional and in control...Allison Grant, Glen Iris

"ANOTHER WINNER... This is our third encounter with your enchanting entertainers and each has been nothing short of exceptional... such a talented team of professionals ... a rare find in today's world. Captivating children's imaginations and creativity in the way Tony Bones Entertainment does not only takes skill and ability, but a unique blend of patience, encouragement and enthusiasm. When it comes to children's birthday parties, you are the most valuable gift..."

Christine Dousha, Harkaway, Victoria. Girl's 4th Birthday Party.

"She captured and maintained their attention from the time she arrived to the time she left. The children sang along to some of their favourite songs, were educated on the environment, had their faces painted and were reminded on the importance of manners... I would personally highly recommend Mermaid Manners for any young girl's party."  Jenny Smit, Warranwood, Victoria. Girl's 4th Birthday.

"The story telling was crisp together with the short games, and face painting... Thanks again to you and the wonderful enactment"
Grace Hamilton, Clarinda, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.

"The children were captivated by Mermaid Manners for over an hour from the moment she arrived. The performance was extremely professional and well planned and everything ran very smoothly... Mermaid Manners was able to relate extremely well with the children and I think being a teacher by profession certainly adds to making a successful and very enjoyable show for all."

Jo Cowan, East Malvern, Victoria. Girl's 5th Birthday Party.  

"Mermaid Manners was on time, professional and a delight... It made the party a great success - Thank you. Will use you again"

Diane Rampertshammer, Werribee, Victoria. Girl's 4th Birthday Party.


"SENSATIONAL... Thank you very much for a wonderful service..."  Claire O'Connell, Croydon North, Victoria. Girl's Birthday Party.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Mermaid Manners performance on Saturday... She was great fun, very witty and kept things moving... a sensational party. Dealing with your company has been a great experience... It's been a pleasure. Thank you"  Lucinda  Bertram, Aspendale Gardens, Victoria. Girl's 6th Birthday Party.

"I'm thrilled with the job that Mermaid Manners did. I was impressed with how she went directly to the kids and got to know them, even remembering all of their names.  They're still talking about how funny she was and it was easy to see where her teacher training made a world of difference. It was perhaps the best money I've ever spent on a party and have recommended your organisation to all of my friends"  Ronnee Russelle, Croydon, Victoria. Girl's 6th Birthday.

"We were very pleased with the show…… she had a fabulous voice too….. the children loved it!"  Glenys Crawford, North Melbourne, Victoria. Girl's Birthday Party

... captivated all the little guests for the entire time she was with us and it was a delight to watch. The songs were fantastic (as is her voice!) and the children were given a wonderful theatrical performance as well as individual involvement and attention."

Claire Smith, Tecoma, Victoria, Girl’s 4th Birthday Party


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Payment & Cancellation Fees

• a. A $100 non-refundable administration fee will be charged at the time of booking to your credit card.
• b. The remainder of the payment is required on the day of the performance as a cash payment to the performer. Tony Bones Entertainment apologises but we do not accept cheques or credit cards from private party clients.
• c. Performers are unable to negotiate lowering a price. Any issues with price should be directed to Tony on 1300 308 311 before a performer leaves an event.
• d. Cancellation Fees - Once a client has "booked in" a time for a party, that time is set aside for your party exclusively, meaning that Tony Bones Entertainment will turn away other work wanting the same date and time. We also complete a significant amount of administrative work immediately after a booking is taken. For this reason clients do need to be aware that the $100 administration fee taken at the time of booking is non-refundable if the party is cancelled at any time after it is booked in with Tony Bones Entertainment. Furthermore, if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the cancellation fee rises to the total amount quoted for the booking. A party is only deemed to be booked in when Tony Bones Entertainment staff have spoken to the client and officially "booked in" the performance, or when the client has specifically asked TBE to "book in" the party via email.