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Solo Character Shows

Hoppity the Bunny Rabbit

Huggles the Teddy Bear


Fairy Petunia

Tony Bones The Clown

Mermaid Manners

Cowboy McCoy

Princess Bella

Pirate McGee

Rock Star Ricci

Super Dooper The Super Hero

Wizard Powers

Solo Seasonal Character Shows
The Easter Bunny Santa Claus / Father Christmas
Dual Character Shows  
Huggles the Teddy Bear & Hoppity the Bunny Rabbit





Fairy Petunia & Pixie Pong
Witch Way-Did-She-Go & Wizard Powers
Nightie Knight & Princess Bella
Presto the Magic Rabbit & Wizard Powers
Cowboy McCoy & Cowgirl Shirl
Rock Star Ricci & Rock Star Ricky
Tony Bones The Clown & Tina Bones The Clown
Tony Bones The Clown & Huggles the Dancing Bear
Pirate McGee & Mermaid Manners
Super Dooper The Super Hero & Fairy Petunia
Dual Seasonal Character Shows


Santa Claus & Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer


Santa Claus & Elfie the Christmas Elf