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Exciting changes to

Tony Bones Entertainment

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We're excited to announce that the school shows previously provided by Tony Bones Entertainment will now be known as Meerkat Productions.

Over 15 years Tony ‘Bones’ Appleby built a very successful theatre company but, since we took over in 2014, it feels that without the man himself there is no Tony Bones!

Deciding on Meerkat Productions was a very significant project. We wanted to be sure we had a great new name and logo which not only represents what we do, who we are and everything we promise to our clients but is also refreshing, modern and fun!

Meerkats are inquisitive, engaging to watch and incredibly entertaining and that’s what we promise to deliver to you.

Our name may have changed but our service offering has not. We remain committed to delivering the best value theatre in education in Australia with a big focus on celebrating literacy through high quality shows and insightful Q&A sessions.

To find out more jump over to our new website by clicking the logo below: