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Anti Bullying Show Victoria, NSW, ACT, SA, TAS, QLD Theatre In Education School Show
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Available Term 4, 2013, & Term 1, 2 & 4, 2014

Children's Anti-Bullying Show

Original script by Tony Appleby B.Ed,

Music by Tony, Tim Smith (Dip.Ed) & Luke Hunter (Dip.Ed)

Cost $ 8.80 per student (incl. GST) Minimum show fee $ 880.00

Primary (Kinder/Prep - Grade 6)   -   Duration: 55 minutes + Q&A

Key Themes: Bullying, Racism, Problem Solving, Fitting In, Self Image.

Key Learning Areas: Drama, Music, Dance, Student Welfare.

Music Styles: Pop, Country, Rap, Swing, Robo Techno, Jazz, March, Operatic, Reggae, Rock.

Music written with Tim Smith (Dip.Ed.) & Luke Hunter (Dip.Ed.)- Musical Directors who have worked on professional tours of "Billy Elliot", "Jersey Boys", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Lion King", "SHOUT!", "Falsettos", "Leader of the Pack", "Oh! What A Night!", "FAME!", "Bombshells", "Beauty & the Beast" & tours of Barbara Streisand, Michael Ball & Michael Crawford.

About the play:

Bellamy the young Bison Bull loves his enclosure at the zoo, but not the other Bison Bulls who bully him!! Being the focus of the “Bully Bull-Ring” is tough for a young Bison when none of the adult herd seem to notice. Now name calling, being left out & getting roughed up have become part of everyday life. How much can one Bison bare??

Join Bellamy as he escapes his enclosure & travels the zoo learning the animal kingdom’s solution to bullying. Will he “Rise Above It” like a Giraffe, use the “Camouflage” of a Zebra, or find a “Better Buddy” like the Polar Bear? Which way works best?

The characters all perform their own song & dance numbers to help Bellamy understand different approaches to resolving the issues of bullying. With lesson plans & question time incorporating the ideals of programmes such as “You Can Do It” & “Better Buddies” just to name a few. Ideal for schools focussing on bullying into the future.

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Anti Bullying show for schools

What's provided?

  • The show is a fully staged musical.
  • It is 55 minutes long with a cast of 2 - 1 male & 1 female.

It includes:  

  • a low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep;
  • full sound system with state-of-the-art "Soundcraft Spirit" sound desk, "Shure" radio headset wireless microphones, "Bose" speakers, etc, appropriate for audiences of unlimited numbers (recommended maximum of around 400 students per session);
  • stage lighting;
  • free standing back drop curtain;
  • audience area marked out by the performers;
  • 10 song & dance numbers in 10 different music styles, 7 of them promoting different anti-bullying strategies;
  • a “Robot Dance Class” where the kids all stand up & join in;
  • an army style “sound off” that everyone joins in for;
  • a section where the audience get to pretend to be a jungle where they hide Bellamy from his attackers;
  • plenty more audience participation when the audience get to clap, click & dance along to the songs;
  • a number where 6 audience members get up to play “air guitar” & “air drums” in the Lion Pack Rock Band;
  • a number where 5 audience members get up to reveal the 5 foundations of “You Can Do It” on flash cards during the Orangutan song;
  • 2D puppetry of Bellamy’s bullying brothers;
  • 11 different costume characters;
  • Full debrief & question time with the performers after the show.

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THE 2014 CAST:

Zoo Keeper


Bellamy the Bison

Brutus the Bison

Robot 2

Robot 1

Zoo Keeper







Polar Bear

Brutus the Bison
Tony Appleby B.Ed

Bellamy the Bison










Brutus the Bison Bull

“The Bully Bull Ring”



Bellamy the Bison

“We can not be different”

Pop Ballad & Robot Techno



“Get Back in a Pack”




“Don’t make SNAP decisions”

Blues in to a March



“Rise Above It”

Opera style


Polar Bear

“Better get a Buddy”




“Remember to Forget”








“You Can Do It”


2 cont.

Bellamy the Bison

“We can not be different” Reprise

Ballad & Robot Techno


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"Interactive & informative. You addressed many important bullying topics and gave solutions to the children. There was something for all children to relate to." St Stephen’s PS, Algester, QLD

All staff were quite impresses with the production. Appealed to both infants and Primary though the interesting characters; songs and costumes. The core messages were clear because of the 'repititon' and cathcy words/phrases. Strategies simple and yet effective.
Overall a great show - the actors were superb and interacting with the children. St Anthony's Primary School, Girraween, NSW

I thought it was entertaining and got the message through. (Grade 6 teacher)
I thought the messages were clear and related well to "You can do it". (Grade 5 teacher)
My students enjoyed the presentation and seem to have understood the messages - we now have to make an effort to refer back to the animals and their messages. (Grade 4 teacher)
Year 3 students enjoyed it. Good idea to remind students that they don't have to put up with bullying and can do something about it themselves. (Grade 3 teacher)
My class thoroughly enjoyed the performance and loved the way jokes and humour were used to present the message. They particularly enjoyed the catchy songs and have enjoyed reflecting on the messages presented when listening to the CD. I have been pleased with the way they have reacalled the "catch phrases" such as "get back in a pack" etc and are aiming to use them. I like the way it empowered children to take action and not be a victim. (Grade 2 teacher)
Great animated show. Kids loved it and retained the messages. (Prep teacher)
We really enjoyed the presentation. The messages were extremely clear and ones that all can relate to. Keeping props simple was great too as sometimes children can lost in the background if there is a lot happening. Using animals made it fun. Overall we love it, Thank you. (Grade 1 teacher) The Hamilton and Alexandra College, Hamilton, VIC

It was good that the interaction with the children started as they were walking into the performance space. The students were engaged. Good questions were posed for the students to think about. It was a great strategy to have the children up and moving and having the content interactive. The content level was very appropriate for this age group. Good strategies were demonstrated through the song lyrics and dialogue. The performers were great. Loved the puns!! I thought the act was very age appropriate with a great message for the kids. Very interactive - the children seemed very engaged throughout. Good lessons that the kids could apply to their everyday activities. I even enjoyed it as an adult. Beaumaris Primary School, Beaumaris, VIC

I have HEAPS of photo’s if you would like a copy.

We are very keen to re-book… and also keen to find out what else you might have for us.  I shall take a look on your website.

Again, please pass on my thanks to Rebecca.  I would TOTALLY recommend your program to other schools!!!  Maybe our 3/4 team!!!

Kardinia International College, Geelong, VIC

"The performance was excellent. My kids got a lot out of it and the analogies that were used were fantastic - kids could understand and relate well to it! It captivated and held the interest of everyone - waiting for what was going to happen next - which animal, what the animal was going to do etc." (Grade 2 Teacher) "I thought it was a great way to connect Program Achieve (we use in our school) to bullying. The children were engaged and really enjoyed it. Grade 3 were inspired to make posters to put up in classrooms and around the school." (Grade 3 Teacher) "The Bully Bull-Ring performance was great. The children were engrossed in the show and obviously took in a lot of what was highlighted as they will say things like "she should just rise above it" and "he needs to remember to forget!" They also love learning the songs and refer back to what was going on in the performance at the time the song was sung" Larmenier Catholic PS, St Leonard's PS, TAS

"This was an excellent performance. The message was strong. Strategies to apply when managing/dealing with bullying were clearly outlined and reinforced so that they hooked into each child's memory. We look forward to following up with the children so that the strategies remain clear and consistent across the school. A final note - the show was longer than the usual performance length yet held the interest of the students until the end. Many thanks" Highfield Prepatory and Kindergarten, Lindfield, NSW

"Great movement and action catering to a diverse age group, R - 7. Interesting characters to which the children responded readily. Excellent teaching points, summarized over the session, easily cued in for the children to follow. Good idea to get them up and moving when they'd been sitting a while. The show got the points across really well, 3 big ticks, easy to do follow up oral and written work" Kersbrook PS, Kersbrook, SA

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"Wonderful show for all ages. Great message for all. Simple, repetitive, catchy phrases that are easy to remember. Fun characters with loads of appeal. Pitched at young and old with dances, jokes and costumes. A very useful performance to get across a very important message. A pro-active approach." Shoalhaven Heads PS, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW

"An entertaining mix of information and fun. Children were given strategies and ideas to deal with bullying without being preached at. Each animal made it easier for the children to remember the advice. The show had a good pace and humour was used effectively. Costumes were very clever and imaginative. Final question session was great. A very enjoyable performance!" New Norfolk PS, New Norfolk, TAS

"Excellent messages and strategies on how to deal with bullies. Good reinforcement of all the strategies. Songs were great and sung really well. Children were engaged and enjoyed being included within the performance. Fit in really well with the You Can Do It! values program we do here at St Paul's. Thanks for a fun and entertaining show :) We're sure it will help with some of the children who find it difficult to be resilient & "rise above it" :)" (Grade 5 Teacher) St Paul's PS, Bentleigh, VIC

"Fast moving, entertaining, involved audience. Loved the song & dance routines. A clever way of getting the message across.... Very impressive way to teach about bullying. Songs are great... 2nd time for me. Best show I've seen. Educational, entertaining and very well thought out. Thanks!... Fantastic. Costumes fantastic and very well done... An awesome show. The language used is extremely accessible to students and easy phrases to remember... Songs and dances fantastic. Love the way after every character is introduced they break down and clarify the lesson/idea so the kids are clear the whole way through. Energy levels were amazing - voices too. Lyrics were well worded. Entertaining, clear and didn't dumb it down for the kids but they still got the message. Strategies were constantly reinforced with audience participation so the kids didn't forget them. Will make it easier for them to recall them when they need to use them... Well presented - great audience participation - stayed entertaining even for the older students. Great voices. Enjoyed the reinforcing of the message throughout... A great show - love the humour! Very entertaining with the animal theme. Kept kids' attention throughout with different characters. Message was clearly delivered and will be easy to follow up back at school" Millicent North PS, Millicent, SA

"Another high quality production on such an important topic. The standard of performance was excellent. Really impressed with the way strategies were revised and reinforced with children... The Grade 2's really loved the whole performance. They were able to recount in great detail the whole story. It was a terrific concept to use the animals to promote the message." St Mary's Catholic School, Bairnsdale, VIC

"Great costumes. Excellent performance. Had involvement from children. Easy to remember slogans that can be taken back to the classroom. Enjoyed by all. Linked to our school values - You Can Do It. The linking of messages to animals - SUPER!! Keep up the jokes for the teachers. The summary at the end linked it and allowed for more discussion back in classroom. Thank you for all your efforts... Great introduction - children instantly engaged, humourous. Great idea having children move - they responded well. Excellent audience participation. Terrific costumes and characters. All that was promised - rehearsed, qualified, interactive, musical - FUN! Great bully message, kids loved it A+. P.S. Hollywood called - Jim Carey's missing!!... Great intro - moving around saying hello. Great songs and music - very entertaining. Wonderful, creative costumes. Good audience participation/involvement. Succinct phrases like "don't make snap decisions" that are memorable and kids can recite. Accents were really well done and authentic. Clear, audible voices. Great how the "You Can Do It" values were included in the presentation. A++... Very engaging - students watched and joined in enthusiastically. Really links well with the student's experiences. Also empathises with a victim's feelings. Music very catchy. Questions to ask are very relevant. You could se the kids thinking about what was suggested" Montrose PS, Montrose, VIC.

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"Talented performers... Slick and well rehearsed... A great message delivered in an understandable way. Very entertaining for all ages." Launceston Church Grammar School, East Launceston, TAS

"Thank you for a wonderful show. We all enjoyed your very professional approach and flexibility when faced with an 'interesting' performing space outside. The show portrayed a great message in an easy way for the students to follow and made it an easy concept to grasp. The lyrics linked with musical styles made it a very clever presentation. Your singing voices were amazing and energy levels enviable. Thanks again for the performance of the highest quality. Student feedback has been most positive." Brunswick North PS, Brunswick West, VIC

"Following the great success of our students’ engagement with and their learning through your fantastic Bully Bull Ring performance about a month ago, we would love to experience your Adventurescope Maths and Science show, the next time you are touring SA." Bute PS, Bute, SA

"Excellent - easy strategies with great visual cues for the children to relate to. Children thoroughly enjoyed the show and could relate to the characters. They are already using the strategies at morning tea today... Very impressed with the quality in every aspect of this performance! Well Done!!!! Costumes were spectacular and the talents of performers were excellent. The message was reinforced the whole way through, and was relevant to the children. Both very entertaining and educational. Obviously a lot of effort was put into preparing this musical, and that shows in its presentation."St Anthony's PS, North Rockhampton, QLD

"Very lively... Entertaining presentation... Great message... Wonderful... Fantatstic... Excellent!!! A terrific production that entertained the students while delivering a strong message - Great strategies to encourage and develop resilience. Thank you so much for visiting our school. Your show is wonderful." St Michaels PS, Berwick, VIC

"Just wanted to let you know how good the Tony Bones show was on Friday. It's the best one I've been to in a long time. He must have been a teacher once because he managed the children beautifully, and kept returning to the message. Great teaching! The show was fantastic, well worth the money." John Paul College, Daisy Hill, QLD

"Very entertaining and simple enough for the children to understand.... Love the story line and the way in which the ideas were presented. The actors were amazing and developed a rapport with the children very quickly." Killara PS, Killara, NSW

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"Dear Tony and Laura, I am writing to convey the thoughts of my Grade 5 class and myself on the performance we viewed this morning. From my point of view I think you have handled the bullying situation very professionally. Even though the children see it as animals, this makes it easier for the children to identify with than other children. It was interesting to hear the children discussing the show afterwards and their own interpretations of it. I asked the children to write a narrative and include a scenario of what they heard this morning but using people instead of animals. They had to tell the story from either the point of view of the bullier or the bully The results have been very positive. Only last week I had a meeting with some parents of a child who is constantly being victimised on the playground and it seems has been for a few years. I have been trying to give him strategies to use to counteract the behaviour he has been experiencing and your show "fell into our laps" so to speak and has given him some more useful pointers. I will speak to him in a day or two and see if he has become "Organised" and has a plan of what he can say or do so when a scenario presents itself he is armed with knowledge of what to do. Thank you again for your very enjoyable and inspiring show. Keep up the good work. Lillian Jilbert... Fantastic performance as always. The children enjoyed the animal characters and clever costumes. Tony and his company did a splendid job of keeping the children entertained and the message was very clear. Superb singing, clever acting - a truly wonderful theatrical performance for our children to see. The children were thoroughly looking forward to the event - and it didn't disappoint. Thanks Tony and we will definitely see you again!... Thank you Tony for a very interactive performance. The children were extremely entertained and talked lots following the show. The costumes were really fantastic and memorable to all children. Thanks very much - it was spectacular!" St Peter Apostle Hoppers Crossing, VIC

Rarely do we have the calibre of performers as we did with Tony and Laura in “Bully Bull-Ring”. Their performance was entertaining, educational and professional.... A superb presentation – truly captivating and very meaningful, portrayed in a fun way... Excellent performance. Very engaging. Would highly recommend to others... Your performance was outstanding. The best we’ve had in years!! The quality of acting performance and character portrayal, combined with a variety of music genres contributed to this excellent show. The messages were clear to all from P – 6 and the humorous ‘asides’ engaged the senior primary students and staff. I would highly recommend this professional performance to others.. Both students and staff responded most enthusiastically to “Bully Bull-Ring”. The performance was very professional – excellent music and singing, tremendous costumes and a strong message which was clearly understood. This was most evident in the post performance discussion I had with my Grade 5/6 students!” Birchip P-12 School, VIC

"The actors/singers were brilliant!  The concepts were presented effectively and in an entertaining way.  Revising methods of avoiding bullying was useful in reinforcing the ideas... The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  The actors enthusiasm made the students really get into the performance.  The characters costumes were excellent!  I have been reminding students about each of the animals suggestions as they come to me with bullying problems since the show, e.g.: ‘stand tall like a giraffe'". Pagewood PS, NSW


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"It was great. Very informative and the students seemed to get a lot out of it... Fantastic presentation. Kids were enthusiastic. Great variety + catchy tunes... Really enjoyed the catchy songs. I loved the different characters. The students had a great time and learnt lots! Thanks! :) ... Absolutely fantastic - loved the corny one-liners... The catchy songs taught excellent strategies to stand up to bullying. Students loved the characters - they were funny and had good costumes... Excellent presentation especially with only 2 performers and so many different characters. The kids really enjoyed it... Wonderful! Great songs to teach an important message." Mountain View Adventist College, NSW

"Thank you for presenting such a great show... Relaxed presentation with great jokes. Great singing!! Audience participation was enjoyable. Good use of questioning students throughout the performance. Good costumes (variety of animals)... It was a great performance... It was great. The kids enjoyed it. Excellent... A great way to cover a tricky topic... Entertaining for the children and lots of fun... Bullying strategies were really helpful and clever." Sacred Heart PS, Mt Druitt, NSW

"Awesome practical ideas to implement early on in schooling... The music was enjoyable and the interaction really caught them... Absolutely amazing, funny, sensitive, empowering (the BEST PD I have had on ways to beat bullying), enriching (the music styles and discussion afterwards were great!)... We will definitely be following up with the messages you have presented and look forward eagerly to seeing those songs recorded... Thank you so much for an inspiring afternoon. I look forward to next year!... I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was very entertaining, engaging and provided students with practical strategies for dealing with bullying... Performance was wonderful. Focus was on bringing out the best in the 'victim'. Thought this was brilliant. The "what can I do to improve my situation"... Loved the music and comedy. Fantastic!...I would recommend this production to all schools." Maranatha Christian School, Officer, VIC

"I think that the performance was very entertaining and offered the children some really good strategies to help them combat bullying. After having completed a follow-up reflection with my class, the main thing that came-up was the clever way that ‘catchy messages’ and songs were used to send across clear understandings. It was great to hear many of the children singing different parts of the songs throughout the afternoon.... The songs were ‘catchy’ and the children found attaching the ‘moral’ to an animal made it easier to remember... Loved the enthusiasm, music and actions in performance. The ‘You Can Do It’ message was presented in an original and thoughtful way. The after show discussion my 3/4s had was thoughtful as well and reflective. We had a great follow-on activity with our buddies... the post-show discussion Tony did with the kids... focused on ‘how the show was staged’ and not just on the message. Most excellent, I would recommend your performance to all schools... I found this production to be fun and exciting for the children and the concepts included in the show were easy to remember and great to do follow-on activities with. I thought by allocating a different animal to each concept helped the children to remember the strategies. Thanks for a great production!... Our students really enjoyed the performance and found the animal costumes and characters very engaging. It was terrific to be able to connect ideas to particular animals and we have used some of their advice in the classroom, particularly the giraffe. The link to ‘You Can do It’ was also very relevant to our school and program.... I found that the messages complemented our values and the ‘You Can Do It’ program. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and were engaged through the whole session." Timbarra PS, VIC

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“The children really enjoyed the way the message was put across. Very funny, excellent acting, great sound and great use of music and song. Thanks very much... Very professionally presented with great acting, singing and interpersonal skills in dealing with a cross-section of children of varying degrees of attention span. Most valuable and enjoyable. Thank you for a job well done.... Thank you – love the way the message is put across with music as children often are more receptive. Loved the show.” Lakes Entrance Vacation Care, VIC

“I appreciated the self-sufficiency of your presentation (especially as I am the only teacher in the school) – the “no-fuss” setting up, dismantling, etc. The show certainly passed all tests here at Bullengarook as the storm we had while the show was on was spectacular but the children were all engaged and mainly oblivious to the fact the room was almost flooded out (I discovered after you left that the little back room was flooded... Many thanks for a great performance.” Bullengarook PS, VIC

“A really enjoyable and engaging performance. The kids were totally entranced and seemed to understand the messages. The humour was great. Well done!... Excellent way to get across concepts using animals. Great way to incorporate different music styles as well. Fantastic show!... A great show. Our whole school not only enjoyed the performance, they took something away. I will certainly be using your phrases when I discuss certain issues with my children.”Hesket PS, VIC

“The students were engaged and they were easily able to recall the key messages / strategies communicated to them through the play and the music. They loved it!.. It was great! Loved the music – kids were excited – loved the animals. Were able to talk about theme! You are welcome back if I have a say!... By far the best bullying show I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Please come back again. What a great show! Great music and concepts covered in such an entertaining way... Thanks for a wonderful performance. Great messages with a visual representation in each animal. I loved the way you tied in different musical styles into the drama to reflect each animals’ personality. I gained lots of practical ideas to incorporate into my drama sessions... A great approach to arming students against bullying. Thoroughly enjoyable.”St Peter’s Anglican College, NSW

"Hi Tony, I just wanted to let you know that the Bully Bull ring performance was fantastic and the teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed it. Some children even thought it would hit home to the 'bullies' in our school. So the message definitely got across to them. We really appreciated Clint and Emma coming along. They were great performers and the students loved them. I hope they returned home safely after their long day, especially Clint having to drive all the way back to Ballarat. So please thank them again and perhaps we'll be seeing your guys again next year. Fingers crossed!" San Remo PS, VIC

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"Hi Tony... We would also like to say a HUGE thank you to your team for the excellent performance 'Bully Bull Ring' we had at our school, Mater Dei last Thursday. The 'stars' of the show were very kind and flexible with our needs. Mater Dei is a school for students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. I have never seen all the students so captivated for a whole hour. From our kindergarten students, right up to year 12. It was absolutely brilliant! I have heard the students using several of the messages in the performance which is great! Once again, thank you to you and your staff for an entertaining and successful performance!"Mater Dei School, Camden, NSW

Your show appealed to children from Prep to Grade 6 and adults. Thank you. A great achievement.... A very entertaining show and a fantastic message! Very impressive... I thought it was brilliant. Very worthwhile. The kids have remembered what they have to do. Thanks”.San Remo PS VIC


Great show, funny, clever and well put together. Brings out practical ideas and ways to deal with bullying... Wonderful message and had children captivated. Good repetition and reinforcement... Fantastic, exciting and good message. Children still talking about it and saying phrases... It was a fantastic show that gave practical strategies children can use. It was very funny and enjoyable to watch for both children and adults”. Leighland Christian School, Burnie, TAS


“Held children’s attention. On Monday they could remember the animals messages. Well done!... Everyone enjoyed the show very much.... Entertaining, engaging and informative. Excellent delivery of strategies to counter bullying. Support material at a high standard... Children enjoyed the interaction. The messages were clearly conveyed. Class follow up to reinforce messages... Students were captivated by costumes and characters. They caught onto the important messages through the stimulating dance styles and lyrics of the songs. A big thanks from me on behalf of the students and staff of Naranga. We look forward to your return during Book Week 2009.” Naranga School, Frankston, VIC


“Both performers showed great enthusiasm. Price was very reasonable..... The little kids really liked the performance. Thank you!” Revesby South PS, NSW


“Rap music relevant to students. Messages very good. Great costumes and songs. Messages well reinforced. Well paced to hold students attention”.Moulamein PS, NSW

“Interactive for students. Clear and articulate. Children interested... Entertaining with a message. Students engaged. Music great... Great fun and a wonderful way to deliver such an important message. Skilled performance. Thank you!!... Entertaining and engaging... Clear and easy for kids to understand. Fun”. St Patrick’s PS, Latrobe, TAS

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