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Stage adaptatin of...
The Children's Book Council of Australia

"2014 Younger Readers Book of the Year" Shortlisted book


Short list announced Noon on Tuesday 8th April 2014

Show title to be announced late April 2014


Adapted and directed by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed for Tony Bones Entertainment

Music by Tony Appleby B.Ed, Luke Hunter Dip.Ed & Tim Smith Dip.Ed


Cost: $9.50 per student (incl. GST)

Minimum show fee: $950 (incl. GST)

Year levels: Grade 3 - Year 8

Duration: 50 minutes + question time

Key Learning Areas: Drama, Dance, Music, SOSE, English

Book Week: 16th to 22nd August 2014


The CBCA Book Week Theme for 2014 is ...

"Connect to Reading"

About the play:

In the tradition of the popular shows Other Brother, Bungawitta, Duck for a Day, Matty Forever, Being Bee and Amelia Dee & the Peacock Lamp, Tony Bones Entertainment will perform a new short listed younger readers book for Grade 3 to Year 8.  The book will come to life with original music, song & dance, thrilling drama, puppetry and comedy.

  • Audience encouraged to interact and participate.

  • Clever costume characters.

  • Different dramatic genre covered throughout the show including: puppetry, narrative, music theatre, slow motion scene, etc.

  • Curriculum linked with lesson plans.

Captivate your students’ imaginations by booking a performance on your day of choice today. 

All equipment and materials supplied including:

  • a low portable stage
  • full sound system (suitable for up to 400 students)
  • stage lighting
  • free standing back drop curtain & set

This production will be announced late April 2014 but it is already pre-booking very fast, so be quick to secure a date for your school.

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Book Week is an initiative of CBCA - The Children's Book Council of Australia.  To visit their website, click on the image below.

Each year, many schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians develop activities, offer competitions and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.

The Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year short list will be released on Tuesday April 8th, 2014.  The full short list can be viewed on the CBCA website.  Winners will be announced on Friday August 15th, 2014.

Reviews for the book:

to be updated late April 2014

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About the author:

to be updated late April 2014

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Reviews for previous year's plays:

St MacArtans Primary School, Mornington, VIC

"Great performance. Excellent story telling that engaged the children with a variety of speech and song. Great story with a great moral...Enjoyed it very much...another fantastic performance, a very good book choice...with themes that were relevant to the year group...What a fantastic storyline to explore with the children. It really touched in on social and emotional learning and different issues facing many children today. A great story to explore further with our students. Thank you."

Gilmore Girls College, Footscray, VIC

"The performance was excellent.  It was entertaining and delivered powerful messages that students could relate to.  Question time was an effective way of making students reflect on the themes covered.  I think our students got a lot out of the performance.  Thankyou!"

East Maitland Public School, East Maitland, NSW

"Amazingly the production covered the whole story of Matty Forever. The two actors developed well the characters in the book. The students' attention didn't waver throughout the performance. They were totally involved. Stage, props, costumes, music all added to a wonderful performance. Such a great book - a brilliant adaptation. Thank you."

Holy Spirit Primary School, Carnes Hill, NSW

"The play related really well to issues and concerns that children in Yrs 5 & 6 deal with.  It was good for the children to see how a problem that the character faced could be resolved, i.e., demonstrating conflict resolution skills (integrating well with curriculum/programs taught in class)...Very appropriate for the age group as they children were very engaged and attentive...Great performance! Well done."


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Previous book titles performed by Tony Bones Entertainment:

Short Listed Picture Books of the Year performed

2013 Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon
2012 No Bear's by Meg McKinley
2011 Two Peas in a Pod by Chris McKimmie
2010 Schumann the Shoeman by John & Stella Danalis

2009 Nobody Owns the Moon by Tohby Riddle

2008 The Night Garden by Elise Hurst

2007 Water Witcher by Jan Ormerod

2006 Irving the Magician by Tohby Riddle

2005 At the Beach - Postcards from Crabby Spit by Roland Harvey

2004 Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat by Stephen Michael King

2003 Bear and Chook by Lisa Shanahan & Emma Quay

2002 Horrible Harriet by Leigh Hobbs

2001 The Singing Hat by Tohby Riddle

Short Listed Younger Reader's Book of the Year performed

2013 Other Brother by Simon French
2012 Bungawitta by Emily Rhoda

2011 Duck for a Day by Meg McKinley

2010 Matty Forever by Elizabeth Fensham

2009 Audrey of the Outback by Christine Harris

2008 Amelia Dee & the Peacock Lamp by Odo Hirsch

2007 Being Bee by Catherine Bateson

2006 To The Light by Pat Flynn

2005 Billy Mack's War by James Roy

2004 Stella by the Sea by Ruth Starke

2003 Tom Jones Saves the World by Steven Herrick

2002 My Story - A Different Sort of Real, The Diary of Charlotte McKenzie, Melbourne, 1918 by Kerry Greenwood

2001 Something's Fishy, Hazel Green! by Odo Hirsch

2000 Captain Mack by James Roy

Short Listed Older Reader's Book of the Year performed

2002 When Dogs Cry by Markus Zusak

2001 Touch Me by James Moloney

2000 Tyro by David McRobbie

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